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Home Office Setup Decor Ideas | 3 Tips for Wall Treatments

What’s going on everyone! In this video I talk about design ideas to improve the look of your desk setup or the overall work space your in. I’ve been updating my room setup for the past few months and I want to take the opportunity to share some of those ideas you, so let’s get right into it.

The most dramatic change I made to my home office was creating a feature wall. I wanted to do something that really made the room pop and come alive, and I felt painting one of the walls a different color wasn’t going to achieve the effect I was looking for, so I settled on hanging a patterned wallpaper as my new back drop. Wallpaper is currently very popular and finding a style or pattern which will suits your aesthetic can be easily found in both brick and mortar stores and online. While wallpaper of the past was hard to apply and labour some to take down, modern wallpaper is super easy to apply and remove. The wallpaper I used was self adhesive. The best thing I can compare it to is contact paper or mac tac. Installation is very simple, you just cut a piece to the desired length and peal the backing off as you apply it to the wall. I was able to finish this wall in about an hour and a half…and that was going slow and taking my time. Self adhesive wallpaper peals right off without leaving any kind of residue, so when you’re ready to a change, it’s easy to reapply.

My second tip is to frame a series of pictures or posters. Behind my desk setup in my office I have a tryptic of travel posters for my favorite video games. Prints or posters are a great way to inject your personality into your office space. My only advice when framing a series of prints or posters is to use the same frame for each of your prints. Using different frames for a series of prints comes off as looking armature. If you want to take your prints to the next level, you can create a gallery wall. A gallery wall is a fun and creative way to show off your personality in any space. I have a gallery wall in my living room which I use to convey a lot of my personality. I’m a huge Radiohead fan, I love pop art and a was raised a Brazilian national football team supporter. All these loves of mine I was able to showcase in my gallery wall. The biggest tip I can leave you is, if you’re going to create a gallery wall, invest in a good mat cutter and do your own framing and matting. By cutting your own mats and framing your own prints, you’ll save tones of money, and it makes for a fun project. I bought my mat cutter for around $25. One last tip for gallery walls is not to be afraid of using different color frames. I have a second gallery wall by my front entry way where I used random colored picture frames, and it really works in the space.

My third and final tip is a very simple and easy DIY hack. Whenever I travel, I always buy soccer scarves from the cities I visit as memorabilia. I used to drape all my scarves over all the doors in my house, until my girlfriend suggested I should hang them to better show them off. All I did for this project was buy hooks and a wooden rod from home depot. The entire project cost $5 and 10 minutes of my time, and I think it looks great.

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