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Clean & Minimalist Desk Setup Tour | DIY Ultrawide Gaming & Productivity Setup

I love clean and minimal desk setups. While I felt my previous desk setup embodied those characteristics, there was definitely some room for improvement. The last desk setup tour I made was in 2016 and while the bones of that setup have remained the same I’ve made some note worth refinements which I feel have elevated my setup. The most notable upgrade I made to my setup is my PC. I hadn’t upgrade my computer in over 5 years, so I felt it was time for something new. My previous system was an Intel, but with AMD's release of Ryzen, I decided to give team red a try and it has not disappointed. Powering the PC is a Ryzen 1700X overclocked to 3.9GHZ. I’m keeping the system cooled with an NZXT Kr

This Wrist Rest Has a Built In Mouse! | Ergoslider Plus Review

All of us are familiar with the traditional computer mouse. Over time, manufacturers have made efforts to produce a more ergonomic and comfortable to hold mouse, but the overall shape and functions have remained the same for productivity, that is until today. Recently, the guys over at Fersgo reached out to me and asked me if I’d like to try their Ergoslider Plus mouse. Being that it was such a unique product, I couldn’t say no. Checkout the Ergoslider Plus on Amazon here. The Ergoslider Plus acts like an add-on accessory to your existing keyboard. Basically, it’s a wrist rest with a build in mouse. Yeah, you heard me correctly, the wrist rest has a built-in mouse. Before I get into how it w

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