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Manual Sit to Standing Desk Review // ft. Ikea Karlby Countertop

Is a Manual Sit to Standing Desk better than an Electronic Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk? Today I'm going to review my Ergotech manual sit to stand desk featuring the Ikea Karlby Countertop. The question I get asked the most often is "what kind of sit to stand desk are you using?" In mid 2016 I was in the market for a new sit to standing desk, being that I wanted a more ergonomic work space. I also wanted a height adjustable desk so I could lower the desk to height I wanted. I was leaning toward purchasing an electronic sitstand desk such as an UpLift Desk or Varidesk; however, I found a manual (non-motorized) sit to stand desk at a used office furniture sale and settled on that! Upon buy

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